Short Stories

Today’s Assignment

Jenny sat at the old one-piece school desk, chin on her hand, staring blankly out the classroom windows. The afternoon sun was blazing across the empty desert. From this side of the school building that's all one could see - not the El Paso skyline, nor the rows of...

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Memory Day

Orange is a sad color; like the faded tones of the dying sun at the end of the day, it is the color of loss. I stare out the window with unseeing eyes, but my heart sees the rows of bodies on their orange-draped funeral scaffoldings that lined the great...

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The Legend of the Moon Dancers

When First Man and First Woman first came to walk upon the earth, they had only each other to rely on, as the animals walked separately. At this beginning time, Power flowed freely among the Fur People, but even the animals suffered from the cold and...

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