Golden Ruby Publishing

Golden Ruby Publishing is a small Christian publishing company located in upstate New York. Owner and Author Linda Crowley created it in 2017 in order to self-publish her first book, Me, Ruby, and God. It takes its name from her dog Ruby, who turned out to be pure gold in her 16 years of life.

Golden Ruby Publishig hopes to put out several more books over the next few years. Most are expected to be children books, especially Middle Grade historical and fantasies. Check in often to see our blogs and short stories.

Featured Books


Me, Ruby, & GOD

A Journal of Spiritual Growth

 I Believe

 I believe in angels, as long as the TV is playing.

I believe in ghosts, at least while the movie is showing.

I believe in hobbits, while I read Tolkein.

And I believe in God, the Almighty Father,

in Jesus his only begotten Son,

and in the Holy Spirit.

At least on Sundays.

I am uncomfortable with my belief/disbelief.

My religion should be at a deeper level than

Harry Potter’s wizardry. I should believe with all my heart and soul.

It would affect every waking moment of my life.

I could not live my life the way I do now

if I truly believed.

I believe in sunshine, even at night.

I believe in stars, even when I can’t see them.

Why do I have such a hard time believing in eternal life?

Why do I put boundaries on God?

Why is the resurrection so difficult for me to conceive of?

Why is my faith so weak?

Help me, Lord, with my unbelief.

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